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WILDERNESS ADVENTURE PRESS MAPS: OREGON METOLIUS RIVER The Metolius River is a beautiful, unique fishery that offers some of the best hatches and biggest bull trout that anglers are allowed to target, in the West. It is mapped from the headwaters to the Candle Creek Campground (the flyfishing only stretch). The Metolius emerges from two coldwater springs just north of Black Butte that keep the flow cold year round. It usually runs between 42 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit and remains crystal clear. For many, the bull trout are the main draw here. Due to high and sustained populations, fishing for them is legal here one of the few places in the country. Obviously, big flies and heavy gear will work best for the big guys. To supplement the bull trout, there are rainbows and browns that get up to 20 inches, sometimes longer, along with whitefish and a run of kokanee salmon from Lake Billy Chinook. These fish will feed on the bugs more so than the bull trout, so nymphs and dries will come in handy. Speaking of bugs, the hatches can be prolific. The pristine water supports many varieties of mayflies, caddis, and stoneflies, and many of each. Dry-fly fishing can be a riot here. Downstream of the mapped area, it begins to get quite fast and turbid, and is difficult to effectively fish.Guided fishing is not allowed on the Metolius. It is flyfishing only from the headwaters to Bridge 99, and external lead is not allowed in this stretch. Its catch and release for all species. Its always closed within 100 feet of the Camp Sherman Bridge, and is closed seasonally upstream of Allingham Bridge. Be sure to check the current regulations brochure for up-to-date rules. ISBN: 0-WAP-47009-5 publish date: 06/30/2011
Binding Type: Map
ISBN: 0-WAP-47009-5
Author: Wilderness Adventures Press

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