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Author: George A. Bernstein
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: 1-4392-4061-2
ISBN #: 1-4392-4061-2
Binding Type: Softcover
TOOTHY CRITTERS LOVE FLIES: FLY-FISHING FOR PIKE & MUSKY Toothy Critters Love Flies brings a new world to both the amateur & experienced fly-fisher. Taking pike & musky on flies has become the in thing in recent years. These fierce predators gobble flies with gusto, providing anglers great fun catching lots of big fish (think twenty pounds & up!) Toothy Critters gives neophyte & experienced fly-fishers the most complete information he needs to catch Toothy Critters on flies. It also provides something new: a focus on Bonus Species, (smallmouth bass, Arctic grayling, lake trout, brook trout & walleye), giving the how, where & when for these great fish while seeking pike or musky. Twenty years of experience taught the author some of what others espouse regarding tackle & flies might be flawed. He tells the reader why & describe what he believes are the best flies& how to tie them. This book will provide all you need to be an expert in this exciting sport& the envy of all your fishing buddies. ISBN: 1-4392-4061-2 publish date: 04/30/2011

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Leisure reading in fly fishing...a great way to set an example for new readers in your family.