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THE UNDERWATER WORLD OF TROUT VOLUME 3: TROUT VISION AND REFRACTION Every angler knows the frustration of lining a fish. After finding that big fish actively feeding, we make a cast where we think it should be, and quick as a flash its gone. What you forgot about was the law of refraction. That fish wasn't quite where you thought it would be. You thought it was six inches below the surface. But how deep was it, one foot, two feet, or was it deeper? How large was its circle of vision, and does it matter?Sound confusing, well its surprisingly easy once you understand what is happening. Refraction has an impact on how we view a trout and its world, and conversely how a trout views us and our world.Do trout really have blind spots? How low must you be before they are aware of your presence? Does it matter what you wear and how you move? Youd be surprised at the little things that will put a trout down. Well watch through a trouts eyes how mayflies and tricos float into the trouts window and see what the trout sees first. Well see that imprint, and the sparkle that you only read about. Most important of all, we will also see that magnification of the fly that takes place as the fly enters the trouts window something you may have never read about. Why are comparaduns and parachute flies so effective does the reflected double image of a streamer, a wet fly, or an emerger cause a trout to miss? How well can trout see both above and beneath the surface?WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING:Not just trout fishermen but any fly fishermen stalking fish (bonefish, redfish and more) should buy and absorb what Ozzie has so well presented.~ Lefty KrehFor most of us, this DVD by Ozzie Ozefovich, will provide a highly informative view of the world through the trout's windowa view that we all need to understand, but one that few have seen. Be certain that you see this DVD, it will make you a better angler.~ Gary Borger ISBN: 0-UWO-20 publish date: 04/10/2011
Binding Type: DVD
ISBN: 0-UWO-20
Publisher: Under Water Oz
Author: Wendell Ozzie Ozefovich

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