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THE SACRED ART OF HUNTING: MYTHS, LEGENDS, & MODERN MYTHOS Many of the foremost social scientists of our times, including Freud, Jung and Fromm, consider hunting instinctual in man, a basic yet little understood human drive that has played a profound influence upon our culture, consciousness, and physical body. Yet hunting is condemned by many as a cruel and inhumane pursuit in an era of urban expansion and animal rights activism. This thought-provoking book gathers together the rich heritage, customs, and histories of the hunt from worldwide cultures to present a penetrating picture of the hunter's soul. The author reveals a universal, common core experience that provides a cultural context of understanding for "modern" hunters and non-hunters alike. By recovering this rich heritage of myths and legends, Swan creates a modern mythos of hunting as "an act of love for nature guided by the strongest spiritual forces" when practiced from an ethical perspective. This richly illustrated book will inspire hunters, and perhaps enlighten non-hunters, with its perspective on the nature of humankind, our presence in the cosmos, and our place in a changing world. ABOUT THE AUTHORJames Swan is a founder in the field of environmental psychology and has taught at the Universities of Michigan, Western Washington State, Oregon and Washington. He is the author of several books including Dialogues With the Living Earth, Nature As Teacher and Healer, In Defense of Hunting, and The Power of Place. He lives in Mill Valley, California. ISBN: 1-57223-188-2 publish date: 10/15/1999
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-57223-188-2
Author: James A. Swan, Ph.D.

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