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THE PERSONAL PROTECTION HANDBOOK: A COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING MANUAL FOR HANDGUN, SHOTGUN & RIFLE Take a look at the headlines of any major newspaper & you can tell that these are difficult times. Turn on CNN & youll hear reports of wars & terrorist attacks. It doesnt take much to convince people that their safety is in jeopardy. With official resources spread so thin, more & more, people are taking the responsibility for their own safety. For many, the first step in doing so is to consider a firearm as part of the solution.Just as owning a piano doesnt make you a musician, simply owning a firearm doesnt make you prepared to defend yourself or your family. There are legal & ethical responsibilities as well as a host of practical issues to take into consideration. In addition, the dynamics of a life or death encounter demand the proper mind set, tactical skills & shooting ability if you hope to survive.Increasingly, those in the military & law enforcement communities are also looking to supplement their official training. As time & finances run short, agencies are often forced to cut all but mandatory training. This leaves officers & military personnel to deal with rapidly increasing threats using reduced skills & confidence in their survivability. Constantly, these professionals face the need to spend their own time & money to obtain the training that they need to accomplish their missions.The goal of this manual is to lay a solid foundation on which to build a lifestyle anchored by protection & safety. With the objective of giving the individual control of his or her immediate environment, this foundation can be combined with hands-on training & diligent practice, to provide a real sense of security for you & those you seek to protect.It should be stressed that a manual such as this is only the first step in this process. The principles, tactics & skills taught here MUST be developed through professional training that is grounded in the real world. At all costs, you should avoid any training that is based on the concepts gleaned from target shooting, so called practical competition or out-dated methods. These things are a substantial hindrance to surviving a deadly force encounter. In short, they can get you KILLED!Beginning with a thorough discussion of the principles of personal protection, we then dissect an overview of personal security considerations. This manual then hopes to offer basic skills as a starting point for the novice & as a review to polish the ability of the experienced shooter. It progresses to more advanced skills & tactics, as well as detailed considerations that are specific to each type of weapon (handgun, shotgun & rifle).This manual is unique in that it contains detailed lesson plans in outline form as well as courses of fire & score sheets. In addition, there are handouts that may be reproduced & distributed if this manual is used in a small group training environment. Created in modular form, each section of this manual can be used independent of the others. While this makes for some redundancy in the printed material, it adds great flexibility for its presentation in training.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: As a professional, who for over 25 years has made his living on a daily basis with a weapon, Len Breure takes seriously the tactics & techniques that work in the real world. Attached you will find a brief description of his credentials.Len has had the opportunity to collect a host of training, experience & awards. These include military Expert ratings with the 1911A1 pistol, M-16 assault rifle, M-203 grenade launcher, M-60 machine gun & M-14 battle rifle. Add to that instructor certification, as both an Infantry & Military Police Weapons Instructor & you will have a solid foundation to build on for training & experience with Special Response Teams & Anti-Terrorist Operations. He was also able to round out his military career with Sniper Training, shooting on the Army Rifle Team & serving on a Mobile Training Team.Early in his law enforcement career, Len was given the opportunity to become a firearms instructor. That led to becoming the Range Master of the countys police academy, responsible for all the weapons training for the 19 agencies within the county. These duties progressed to positions as an Instructor Trainer for the New Jersey Police Training Commission, Special Response Team Instructor & Emergency Services Coordinator for his police department. He has also had the opportunity to accumulate a number of degrees & honors in the academic realm. Graduating Summa Cum Laude three times, Len holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice Management & a Doctorate Degree in Criminal Justice Education.Over the years Len Breure has been involved in numerous types of firearms competition, earning N.R.A. expert ratings in High Power Rife & Practical Pistol, I.P.S.C. AA class rating & U.S. Army Excellence in Competition medals for both rifle & pistol. This pales in comparison, however, to having seen the elephant as Col. Jeff Cooper would say, on several occasions.Len has also had the opportunity to train under (or conduct training with) some of this nations finest. These have included the F.B.I., D.E.A., A.T.F. & Department of Defense. Much of what he teaches & lives by today comes from such noteworthy instructors as Chuck Taylor - American Small Arms Academy, Col. Jeff Cooper Gunsite Academy, Massad Ayoob - Lethal Force Institute, John Farnam Defense Training & many others. ISBN: 1-4184-0147-1 publish date: 01/31/2010
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-4184-0147-1
Author: Leonard M. Breure

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