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THE ORIGINS OF AMERICAN ANGLING: ESSAYS ON THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN FISHING AND TACKLE Mary Kefover Kelly is one of the integral figures in the history of fishing in America. For many years a noted outdoor wroter for such august journals as Field & Stream and Outdoor Life, beginning in the late 1960s she began to work on chronicling the history of American fishing, with an emphasis on fly fishing and tackle. What resulted were several dozen articles published in a variety of venues, ranging from The American Fly Fisher to Fishing World to Fishing Collectibles Magazine. Long unavailable to even dedicated researchers, these works are here collected for the first time--updated where appropriate--and cover the breadth of angling history.Of particular interest are Mary's essays on some of the least understood tackle makers of the nineteenth century, and include the most detailed and informative histories to date of John and Thomas J. Conroy, Bradford & Anthony (and its successor Dame, Stoddard & Kendall), Benjamin F. Nichols, Fred Divine, amnd Abbey & Imbrie. Here celebrated works on Hiram Leonard (two separate chapters), T.H. Chubb, and Kosmic/Spalding/U.S. Net & Twine are included with new images. Additionally, here work "Brand Names" covers many trade names used by tackle firms, "Angling Words" covers fishing terminology defined from the early days of fishing, "The Porter General" details rods before bamboo, "The Reel Seat Story" covers the evolution of reel seats, and "The Henshall Collection" details the final fate of the greatest tackle collection in history. There is much, much more, ranging from a history of the Kenyon Silkien and Divine Spiral Twist fly rods to E.F. Pfluegers Chrystal Minnow. There is truly something for any lure, reel, rod, or fishing history fan. ISBN: 0-WFP-30 publish date: 11/30/2007
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-WFP-30
Publisher: Whitefish Press
Author: Mary Kefover Kelly

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