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THE LAST FRONTER: 100 INCREDIBLE TALES OF SURVIVAL, EXPLORATION, & ADVENTURE Since 1937 Alaska magazine has charted the development of our biggest, most mysterious state. With compelling stories on such events as earthquakes, tidal waves, grizzly and polar bear attacks, the Russian influence, the Gold Rush, the Japanese invasion of the Aleutians during World War II, hunting and fishing, the lives of sourdoughs, Inuit life, and much more, The Last Frontier truly captures the essence of our largest state.Other chapters include the tale of the Inuit commercial pilot, flying villagers across the Arctic. Or the one about the family of nine who left Richmond, Virginia, in 1938 on a home-built ark, sailed it to Alaska, and built a homestead outside of Juneau. Or the one about the family who placed their Model T Ford on a raft, hooked paddle wheels to the axles, and steered their home-built paddle wheeler down the Yukon River to the first roadwhereupon they removed the car from the barge, and drove to Kansas.Other stories include:* Susan Butchers record-breaking ascent of Denali . . . by dogsled* The mystery of Klutuk, the beast of the tundra* Golfing with bears in Kodiak* The trials of a nurse running a hospital on an ice pack in 1921* Tips on hunting musk oxen on the Yukon* Newsworthy events such as the Exxon Valdez disaster and the debate about opening up the Arctic National Wildlife RefugeABOUT THE EDITOR:Jill Shepherd, the senior editor of Alaska magazine, has worked at that publication for more than twenty years. ISBN: 1-59228-568-6 publish date: 09/14/2004
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-59228-568-6
Author: Multiple Contributors

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