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THE GRAND CASCAPEDIA RIVER: A HISTORY VOL. 1 After his many years of tireless research, and the intensive investigation by a small army of archivists, assistants and researchers, the well-known angler and author, Hoagy B. Carmichael has produced what should become the definitive history of Atlantic salmon fishing in North America. While focusing on the Grand Cascapedia River, the themes and indeed many of the participants are universally recognized. This is large, full-color, slipcased book that is a major and elegant book production. Its a weighty volume by any measure and it is just as essential to the serious angler as Dean Sages classic, The Ristigouche and its Salmon Fishing.The modern sport of Atlantic salmon fishing dates to about the 1860s and here begins Hoagys narrative up to approximately 1932. Volume Two, the companion volume to this, is underway and charts the progression of the sport and the fishery from this point to the present. These will be matching volumes.Hoagy began to fish the Grand Cascapedia regularly every year during the mid-1980s. He quickly became immersed in the lore of the camps and lodges and the personalities and has spent these subsequent decades examining the history of the river and the history of the sport. What we have with this book is a remarkable, panoramic, almost epic story of the development of the sport of fly fishing for Atlantic salmon. As Charles B. Wood points out in his introduction, primary sources were tracked down and utilized for the bulk of material presented here. These include previously unseen family archives, personal letters and journals, private photographs and paintings, including some unseen Pleisners, and countless interviews with anglers and their descendents.This then becomes a very rich source of new information and delightful visual images of the fish, of the anglers, and of the elaborate and not so elaborate camps and lodges that are inextricable strands of the fabric of the great sport of fly fishing. Many if not most of these images have never been seen or published before.We are proud to offer this stunning book, and, for serious anglers, it really doesnt get much better than this. ISBN: 1-886967-18-0 publish date: 05/06/2006
Binding Type: Slipcased Hardcover
ISBN: 1-886967-18-0
Publisher: Lazy Bones Inc
Author: Multiple Contributors

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