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THE EVERLASTING STREAM: A TRUE STORY OF RABBITS, GUNS, FRIENDSHIP, AND FAMILY Selected as a Best Book of 2002 by Newsday and a Noteworthy Book by the Kansas City Star, The Everlasting Stream received glowing praise in hardcover. A Washington Post reporter discovers friendship, family, and the good life--through the unexpected brotherhood of hunting. When Walt Harrington was first invited to Kentucky to hunt with his African-American father-in-law and his country friends--Bobby, Lewis, and Carl--he was a high-flying reporter for The Washington Post with a distaste for killing animals. But over the next 12 years of hunting with these "good ol' boys," this white city-slicker entered a world of life, death, nature, and manhood that came to seem beautiful in a way his experience in Washington was not.In crisp prose that brings autumn mornings crackling to life, The Everlasting Stream shares the lessons that led Harrington to leave the city. When his son turned fourteen, Harrington began taking him hunting, too, believing that these rough-edged, whiskey-drinking men could teach his suburban boy about lives different than his own, the joy of small moements, and the old-fashioned bgelief that a man's actions mean more than his words. The Everlasting Stream is a funny, intimate, inspiring meditation on the meaning of a life well lived.WHAT THEY'RE SAYING:"Beautifully written, cleverly informative, and, at times, hilarious...This book is not only for fathers and their sons, it's for anyone who cherishes what really matters most in our lives--our friends and families." --Pete Earley, author of Circumstantial Evidence"The Everlasting Stream takes us into the world of a very special group of men. What could have been a macho story becomes one of grace and beauty in the hands of one of this country's finest literary journalists." --Patsy Sims, author of The Klan"A peculiarly pleasurable book, written well, layered with passionate characters, noisy with distinct voices and rife with conviction."--Gary Dorsey, The Baltimore Sun"A magical book. is an exquisite work by a talented journalist who knows...that the story of America is better told through men and women we know only by their first names than those we know only by lofty titles."--Robert L. Kaiser, Chicago Tribune"A book about the bonds between old-fashioned men...It's full of small glories."--Henry Kisor, chicago Sun-TimesABOUT THE AUTHOR:Walt Harrington is a former award-winning writer for The Washington Post Magazine. His book Crossing: A White Man's Journey into Black America was the winner of the Gustavus Meyers Award for the Study of Human Rights in the United States. He now teaches literary journalism at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. ISBN: 0-8021-4050-5 publish date: 01/14/2004
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-8021-4050-5
Author: Walt Harrington

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