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THE COMPLETE BOOK OF FLY FISHING Here is the ultimate book on every aspect of this fishing art form. McNally's pithy prose is enhanced with step-by-step illustrations from noted artist/angler Tom Beecham. REVIEWS". . .although I am usually skeptical of `everything books,' the McNally volume actually seems to be one of the best-thought-out basic texts I've seen for a while--for a reasonable price at that--covering everything from trout to pike to sailfish." --Fly Rod & Reel "To say any single book about a subject so diverse as fly fishing is 'complete' is tall talk, but this one delivers." --Flyfisher"McNally's writing is disciplined, but smooth. The reader doesn't even realize that he or she is being tutored as well a entertained." --New York Newsday TABLE OF CONTENTSAbout Fly Fishing.Fly Rods.Fly Reels.Fly Lines.Leader Design and Construction.Popular Fly-Fishing Knots.Fly-Casting Basics.Advanced Fly Casting.Gear for the Fly Fisherman.Trout-Fishing Flies.Special Flies and Bugs.How to Tie Flies.Wet-Fly Fishing.Dry-Fly Fishing for Trout.Nymph Fishing for Trout.Streamer Fishing for Trout.Hooking, Playing, and Landing Fish with a Fly Rod.On the Stream.Techniques for Low-Water Trout.Fishing Bass Bugs.Spinners and Porkrind for Bass.Streamers and Nymphs for Bass.Dry Flies for Stream Smallmouths.Fly Fishing for Northern Pike.Panfish on Flies and Bugs.Lake Fly Fishing.Fly Fishing Salt Water, Inshore.Fly Fishing Salt Water, Offshore.Special Fish Species. ISBN: 0-07-045638-0 publish date: 11/12/1997
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-07-045638-0
Author: Tom McNally

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