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THE BOOK OF BLACKSMITHING The ability to heat and shape metal into tools, fixtures, and other useful items is one of the most practical skills in the handyman's toolbox. The Book of Blacksmithing shows how surprisingly easy it is to get started in this rewarding craft.Veteran blacksmith Michael Cardiff teaches you how to set up a basic shop, gather the necessary tools, select the right steel, and hone common metalsmithing techniques. He then walks you step-by-step through 15 simple projects including making handy tools for your workshop, decorative items for your home, and a classic single-edge knifethat will help you master hammer control, coordinate tong and hammer use, and perfect other essential skills of the trade. Every technique and project is accompanied by clear, easy-to-follow illustrations.ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND ILLUSTRATOR:Author Mike Cardiff and illustrator Pat Cardiff are identical twins. Mike developed his early blacksmithing technique working with Harry Evans and Dave Wooters at the Tidewater Foundry in Easton, Maryland. He then studied under Ken Schwarz, whom he credits with truly starting him on his career in blacksmithing. Mike later worked for several years in Colonial Williamsburg as a production smith. Working within the Society for Creative Anachronism, Mike found an ideal environment for expanding his skills while providing an appreciative audience with accurate reproductions of medieval period tools, weapons, and utensils. His Damascus steel swords and knives are especially sought after by discerning blade collectors and edged weapon enthusiasts. When he's not painting landscapes or providing cover paintings and illustrations for books, artist Pat is usually designing, carving, and throwing boomerangs. Pat's boomerangs are crafted to resemble a wide variety of subject matter, with a strong emphasis on accurately portrayed wildlife. His boomerangs have been featured in galleries across the nation and are used in competition by throwers in the United States and abroad. ISBN: 1-61004-577-7 publish date: 12/31/2011
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-61004-577-7
Author: Michael Cardiff

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