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THE BLACK SCIENCE: ANCIENT AND MODERN TECHNIQUES OF NINJA MIND MANIPULATION The fighting skills of the shadow warrior the ninja made them feared throughout Japan. But the wise man had greater fear for their bloodless methods of domination, which the ninja mind masters preferred to crude physical violence. Ninja broke through their enemies' mental defenses using direct attack or stealth, comparing such operations to invading an enemy fortress. In this guided tour through the mysterious realm of the ninja, martial arts experts Dr. Haha Lung and Christopher B. Prowant reveal the secrets that will allow you to tell when someone is lying to you, implant false memories, tailor your attack by using the specific keys to each individual's mind, use verbal patterns and body language to earn your foe's utter trust, interrogate using unbeatable psychological methods and much more. You will also learn the terrifying truth behind modern mind-control, propaganda and brainwashing techniques used by cults (and our own government), as well as take a look ahead to the future of mass mind control. The wars of tomorrow may well be won or lost in the battlefield of the mind. This book could mean the difference between winning your freedom and losing everything.ABOUT THE AUTHORS:Dr. Haha Lung is a prolific author with a vast storehouse of knowledge about the martial arts and the mysterious cults and killer cadres of the East.Christopher B. Prowant is a noted researcher, author and martial artist. He holds a shodan ranking in zendokan-tyu taijutsu and has a teaching degree in wan tzu hu chuan (tiger-style kung-fu). ISBN: 1-58160-262-6 publish date: 01/01/2009
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-58160-262-6
Author: Dr. Haha Lung and Christopher B. Prowant

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