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THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF DR. JAMES ALEXANDER HENSHALL: THE FATHER OF BASS FISHING IN AMERICA For the first time ever in book form comes the autobiography of one the most important people in the history of fishing history - Dr. James Henshall. Originally published in serialized form between 1919-1921, Dr. Henshall passed away before his memoirs were printed for the masses. From his humble beginnings in Baltimore, to his career as a printer in Cincinnati, his medical schooling, his fascinating role in the American Civil War in Kentucky, how he originated bass fishing in America, and his amazing account of his trip to Europe in the late 1880s, you will get a tour of American fishing history in its formative stage with Dr. Henshall as your guide.Tackle collectors and fishing historians will find an amazing wealth of information on our outdoor heritage in this work. An absolute must for anyone who purchased one of the 400,000 copies of the Book of the Black Bass sold by B.A.S.S. over the years. Complete with all of the original images. It is edited and has an introduction by noted bass historian and Henshall expert Clyde E. Drury and comes complete with 57 explanatory and detailed footnotes to explain obscure references in the text, this work is a can't miss for anyone interested in bass fishing, fishing history, or collecting. ISBN: 0-9842050-5-5 publish date: 10/31/2007
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9842050-5-5
Publisher: Whitefish Press
Author: Clyde E. Drury

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