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TECHNICAL BOWHUNTING: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SHOOTING PERFORMANCE WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING:Best technical bow book I have read. Very good book. You can tell the writer knows his subject & has learned his craft through trial & error. His approach was the humblest that I have ever read. Most books the writers relish in their knowledge they have. This writer you know he has knowledge without any boasts or bragging. He is very down to earth & has great communication with the reader. It is filled with practical information that will help you as a bowhunter & as an archer. He also credits those he has learned from, which speaks volumes to me. Part of the learning experience is learning from mentors of which he lists the names of the mentors he has learned from which any bowhunter that reads any of the mainline bowhunting magazines will recognize. Great book that I would recommend to those that want practical knowledge of bowhunting & learning more about the weapon they use. Setups, arrows, arrow rests, etc. - William Pitts ISBN: 0-86568-266-6 publish date: 06/30/2010
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-86568-266-6
Publisher: Beckett Media
Author: Joe Bell

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