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STU APTE'S QUEST FOR GIANT TARPON 1993-1994 Winner of the prestigious "Teddy" award for best fishing film. Produced in the Homosassa area of Florida, world famous for some of the biggest tarpon anywhere, this video covers everything for realizing your tarpon fishing adventure!Follow all the action while learning techniques never before presented on video. See Stu Apte battle some of the world's biggest tarpon armed with only a 12 pound test tippet and a fly rod.Stu's electronic chalkboard reveals the feeding zone of tarpon and when and where to place your fly to be the most effective. Also see how wind and water currents, as well as tarpon direction, tell you where to place your boat for the best possible position to make a proper presentation.Stu demonstrates his famous technique of applying pressure with a fly rod that boats 150 pound plus fish in under 20 minutes without wearing yourself out.This comprehensive DVD is packed with much more than exciting tarpon fly-rodding. Stu also shares the knowledge he has gained from guiding and fishing for tarpon for more than 50 years.Underwater scenes and a tarpon's eye view of the fly plus much more make this a DVD to have about pursuing giant tarpon. ISBN: 0-STA-13809 publish date: 05/31/2009
Binding Type: DVD
ISBN: 0-STA-13809
Publisher: Stu Apte
Author: Stu Apte

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