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SNIPER ONE: ON SCOPE AND UNDER SIEGE WITH A SNIPER TEAM IN IRAQ The blockbuster international bestselling memoir of a British sniper team under fire that Booklist called possibly the years best book, so far, on combat in Iraq. When Sgt. Dan Mills & the rest of the 1st Battalion, The Princess of Waless Royal Regiment flew into Iraq in April, 2004, they were supposed to be winning hearts & minds. They were soon fighting for their lives. Within hours of their arrival in Iraq, a grenade bounced off one of the battalions Land Rovers, rolled underneath & detonated. It was going to be a long tour. The place had gone to hell in a hand basket. If any of Millss eighteen-man sniper platoon had thought that the people of Al Amarah were going to welcome them with open arms, they were rapidly forced to reconsider. For the next six months, isolated, besieged & under constant fire, the battalion refused to give an inch. Sniper One is a breathtaking chronicle of endurance, camaraderie, dark humor & courage in the face of relentless, lethal assault.WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING: Mills powerfully describes the demanding work of his snipers before & after the city was brought under control...British participation in Iraq has been largely ignored in the U.S. That should change with Millss page-turning account, already an international bestseller. PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (STARRED REVIEW) One of the best first-hand accounts of combat that Ive ever read. ANDY MCNAB ABOUT THE AUTHOR:SGT. DAN MILLS was decorated for his command of an eighteen-man sniper platoon during the siege of Al Amarah. Sniper One is his first book. ISBN: 0-312-56738-3 publish date: 09/30/2009
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-312-56738-3
Publisher: Macmillan Publishers
Author: Sgt. Dan Mills

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