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SMALL MOUTH BASS ON THE FLY, VOL. 1 Chris Hansen has spent his entire life pursuing virtually every freshwater fish in North America. In this DVD, youll join him as he pursues his favorite fish of all, the Smallmouth Bass.Whether you want to learn new techniques, or just see non-stop smallie action, sit back & enjoy as Chris hooks & lands over 18 smallies.Youll see many explosive surface strikes, violent head-shaking jumps, and learn where & when to use different flies && fly lines. Youll even see how to catch smjallies when theyre selectively feeding on mayflies during a blizzard hatch.On both rivers & lakes, Chris show how you can consistently hook up on these bronze battlers! ISBN: 0-FF-000030-0 publish date: 07/15/2005
Binding Type: DVD
ISBN: 0-FF-000030-0
Publisher: Fish Fever Digital Media
Author: Chris Hansen

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