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RONIN: A MARINE SCOUT-SNIPER PLATOON IN IRAQ * First-ever oral history of an entire Marine scout-sniper platoon* Evidence of how Al Qaeda penetrated the Fallujah police department* Never-before-seen photos of suicide bombings in Fallujah* Boots-on-the-ground perspective on American policy in action in IraqIn this raw & provocative new book, readers wear desert camouflage, climb to rooftops, & get behind the rifle with a platoon of elite Marine snipers & scouts in Iraq. Author Mike Tucker embedded with the unit for its entire combat tour in 200506 to tell this exclusive from-the-frontlines story. Ronin captures true-grit Marines at war as they reconnoiter Iraqi villages, track terrorist targets, grapple with unrealistic rules of engagement, & get the kill. It also contains the only firsthand accounts of such previously unreported actions as an Al Qaeda attack on a police station & the winter of the sniper when terrorist gunmen plagued Coalition forces in Fallujah.WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING:Mike Tucker has more street cred with American warriors in Iraq than any other writer. --Salt Lake TribuneABOUT THE AUTHOR:Mike Tucker is a Marine infantry veteran who has reported on guerrilla warfare & terrorism from hot spots around the globe, including Thailand, Burma, Spain, & Iraq. He holds bachelors & masters degrees from James Madison University, where he was a visiting scholar on counterterrorism in 2006. Tucker is also the author of The Long Patrol, Hell Is Over, & Among Warriors in Iraq. ISBN: 0-8117-0318-5 publish date: 01/01/2008
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-8117-0318-5
Author: Mike Tucker

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