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PRECISION SHOOTING: TRAPSHOOTER'S BIBLE--THE NEXT STEP AND BEYOND New printing includes more illustrations and advanced level double trap instructions! Here's the ultimate shooting coach right by your side to help you fine tune your trapshooting, straight from the author of, Trap Shooting Secrets. Precision Shooting tells you exactly what to do when practicing, step-by-step. Use gun and eye hold points to break more targets, identify and resolve once and for all, the insidious slow and fast pulls that destroys setup and timing, seeing targets brighter and in slow motion, in-depth secrets professional trapshooters use to build repeatable consistent precision. Back-sighting techniques to hone precise sight pictures, learn how to adjust timing and zones on various trap conditions, recovering from mistakes in competition, intensify concentration and visual focus, one and two-eye shooting methods, high and low gun hold formulas. This massive book has 15 chapters with more than 140 illustrations, so learning professional trapshooting technique is easier than ever before, but there is so much more. And, here's a first... over 310 answers given to questions all trapshooters need to know with in-depth explanations of how to resolve specific shooting problems. From missing targets, breaking out of a slump, flinching, stress management to learning precision techniques to consistently dead-center aim to dustball targets, visualization, identifying optical illusions that cause missed targets, etc. Like Trap Shooting Secrets, Precision Shooting reaches worldwide acclaim by Olympic-class shooters and ATA professional trapshooters. It's a must read for any trap shooter, especially the handicap yardage shooters where the big money is won. No other trap shooting book explains such in-depth "professional" shooting details. More than 140 technical shooting illustrations with explanatory text.FROM THE PUBLISHERThis new printed version has been professionally edited and expanded to include more illustrations, more text, more answers to shooting questions; including, advanced level double trap shooting instructions. Of course, you should read Trap Shooting Secrets first before you advance to our Precision Shooting book. If you have purchased these books prior to the year 2000, you will certainly need to get these new updated and expanded versions! If you shoot a shotgun in any sport, you'll learn how to hit your target with precise accuracy time and time again when you read TSS and PS. There are no technical trap shooting text books, except for the two books you are reading about here. These books can enhance your scores in trap, skeet, sporting clays, double trap, single barrel, down the line and Olympic trap. Satisfaction is guaranteed or the publisher will refund the purchase price of the book.FROM THE AUTHORThis book gives advanced instructions on shooting doubles with technical illustrations and explanations within the illustration frames. I'm certain you will really enjoy the DT advice and be satisfied seeing your doubles scores increase. You love to shoot clay targets, but it is agony to keep missing and not knowing how to correct the problem. It's not fun shooting low scores. These two books, Trap Shooting Secrets and Precision Shooting - The Trapshooter's Bible will give you a great leap forward in practical knowledge by revealing the secrets of the game, the same secrets professional shooters use. After all, the advice came from professional shotgun shooters who shoot targets for a living, and there is no better source of information than from those who shoot professionally! These trap shooting books truly are like having a professional coach standing by your side telling you exactly what to do. When you are tired of hit and miss shooting and wish to take on professional advice, these are the books that will help you shoot scores you'll be proud of. TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 1: IntroductionA NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR FAIR WARNING! SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE BEGINNINGTRIGGER WORDS AND WHEN TO USE THEMRECOVERING FROM A DAMAGING SCORE EXPANDING & COMPRESSING THE ZONE COMBINING TRIGGER WORDS PRACTICEPAYING ATTENTION ONE-EYED & TWO-EYED SHOOTING TECHNIQUES Chapter 2THE SETUPFEELING THE GAME GRIP PRESSURE ADDRESSING THE SHOT PRACTICE TIPS Phase 1.MIND CONTROL HEAD-LIFTING MASTER THE MENTAL GAME PRESHOT ROUTINE CONCENTRATION VISUALIZE AUTHORITY IN THE SHOT STRESS AND TENSION AWARENESS SUBCONSCIOUS AVERSIONS DISTRACTIONS TALK TO YOURSELF BE AGGRESSIVE WRIST CONTROL VIRTUES OF A LOW GUN HOLD SUPPRESSED TARGETS FAST RISING TARGETSChapter 3THE FIRST STEP TO DEVELOP PRECISION ACCURACY WHAT IS MENTAL CONCENTRATION AND HOW TO DEVELOP IT? SEEING THE TARGET BRIGHTER WITH CONCENTRATION HOW TO CONTROL CONCENTRATION THE CONCENTRATION SINE WAVE PRACTICE TIPS Phase 2 WHEN TO TURN ON CONCENTRATION WHAT IS VISUAL CONCENTRATION? WHAT DO THEY MEAN WHEN THEY SAY, FOCUS? PRACTICE TIP Phase 3 VISUAL AWARENESS TRAININGChapter 4PRECISION SHOOTINGUSING THE SIGHT BEADS SEEING THE SIGHT PICTUREPRACTICE TIPS - Phase 4 WHEN TO USE THE SIGHT BEADS PRACTICE TIPS Phase 5 WHEN NOT TO USE SIGHT BEADS RECHARGING THE BATTERIESUNDERSTANDING THE SWING PRACTICE TIPS Phase 6 WHEN PERFORMANCE DISINTEGRATES PRACTICE TIPS Phase 7Chapter 5EYE FOCUS TRAINING DEPTH PERCEPTION EYE EXERCISE EYE FOCUS INK BLOT TEST ADJUSTING SWING SPEED EYE HOLD RESTORING A SMOOTH SWINGPRACTICE TIPS - Phase 8Chapter 6EYE HOLD VARIATIONS SLOW MOTION SHOOTING CONVENTIONAL WISDOM THE MIND'S EYE SWING TIMING PRACTICE TIPS Phase 9 PERFECTION PRACTICE TIPS Phase 10 MOVING GUN TECHNIQUE TWO MOVING GUN TECHNIQUES CANTING THE GUNChapter 7MISSING TARGETS KNOW YOUR TIMING SETUP TIMING CALL TIMINGSWING TIMING SQUAD TIMING SHOOT TIMING TURN-DOWN TIMINGChapter 8THE TEN BIG MISTAKESSUBCONSCIOUS TIMING FLINCHING AND NERVES EXPECTING TO MISS BACKGROUND SCENERY INCREASING YOUR SCORE YOU AND THE TARGET LEARNING TO BREAK TARGETS SUNSET AND SUNRISE SHOOTINGChapter 9DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS PRACTICE TIPS Phase 11 READING A BREAK SHOOTING OVER THE TOP OF TARGETS HIRE A COACH! MUZZLE TRANSITION SWING SINSI'M TOO OLD TO LEARNChapter 10ERGOGENIC AIDS HOT WEATHER SHOOTING COLD & ADVERSE WEATHER SHOOTING BREAKING THE LEARNING BARRIER A MESSAGE TO CLUB MANAGERSPROMOTING THE SPORT BUYING THE NEW GUNChapter 11A QUICK REVIEW OF THE DRAWINGS THE POWER WITHIN THOUGHT THE TRAPSHOOTER'S PRAYER AFFIRMATIONS WORKChapter 12315 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS RECOMMENDED READING VISIT OUR WEB SITE DOUBLE-TRAP WRITING THE AUTHOR LAST CALLChapter 13 When elevators stop on floor-13 I'll add chapter 13. Until then,Chapter 14ILLUSTRATIONS Over 140 illustrations to help you learn faster. ISBN: 0-916367-10-X publish date: 06/15/2000
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-916367-10-X
Author: James Russell

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