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NYMPH FISHING BASICS PLUS ADVANCED NYMPH FISHING Nymph fishing, dreaded by some revered by others, is a technique every angler needs to understand. In Nymph Fishing Basics Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio (& some interesting friends) will guide you through the many confusing aspects of nymph fishing. If you want to catch large trout & trout on those days when a surface rise is rarer than red meat at a Bugwan retreat, then let Nymph Fishing Basics show you how.Nymph Fishing Basics deciphers the mystery of nymph fishing. Learn how to:- Identify the dominant food available to trout anytime anywhere- Pick a fly that matches the size & behavior of the important nymphs- Select the right equipment to effectively fish nymphs- Present your nymph naturally where the fish are feeding- Detect strikes effectively72 minutesAdvanced Nymph Fishing, with your Laughing River hosts Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio, will help take your nymph fishing skills to the next level. While Nymph Fishing Basics (released in 2006) provides the foundation for successful nymph fishing, Advanced Nymph Fishing covers all the details. There is so much information in this program it took two DVD discs to hold it all.Disc 1 (83 min) covers all the important nymphing methods (short-line nymphing, long-line nymphing, with & without indicators including Czech nymphing) for all the major water types (riffles, runs, flats, & eddies), plus leader set-ups for different methods.Disc 2 (88 min) covers pattern selection, casting & mending techniques, other specials tips, PLUS Rick & John tying some of their favorite nymph patterns. ISBN: 0-LAUGH-60 publish date: 06/30/2009
Binding Type: DVD
Publisher: Laughing River Productions
Author: Rick Hafele & John Smeraglio

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