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MYTH OF THE SWORD MYTH OF THE SWORD by Hank Reinhardt In this original Paladin production, world-renowned sword expert Hank Reinhardt pulls aside the veil of myth & fantasy to expose the realities of swords & sword combat. Often controversial, sometimes provocative, but never boring, Reinhardt presents a detailed history of swords, their evolution & their use in both warfare & individual combat around the globe. Reinhardt also answers the most commonly asked questions on dueling, ancient & medieval warfare & modern-day care of swords. Finally, through dramatic cutting demonstrations on armored & unarmored targets, he demonstrates the proper use & awesome power of a variety of swords, from Japanese katanas to medieval broadswords. If you've ever seen or handled a sword & felt an indefinable thrill that sent your spirit singing back to the days of yore, this video is a must see. For information purposes only. Color, approx. 90 min. ISBN: 0-PAL-MYTHDVD publish date: 11/15/2007
Binding Type: DVD
Author: Hank Reinhardt

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