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MICHIGAN FISHING MAP GUIDE: LOWER PENINSULA CD ROM The same great maps and fishing information as our books, but on your computer!* Search for lakes by name, size, county, or species * Zoom in on lake detail * Print each map and data page as many times as you need - don't worry about ruining expensive maps out on the lake! * Download maps into your favorite graphics program to mark your own fishing spots * Compatible with Windows PC and Macintosh computers!System requirements:Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, or NT (Service Pack 6 or 6a) Pentium, 32 MB available RAM, CD or DVD DriveMacOS 8.6 and higher, compatible with Classic environment under MacOS X PowerPC, 32 MB available RAM, CD or DVD driveWaters covered: Ackley, Adams, Adrian, Alcona Dam Pond, Alderman, Aldrich, Algonquin, Allegan, Allens, Alma, Ambrose, SFCG, Ann, SFCG, Appleton, Arbutus, Archer, Arnold, AuSable, AuSable, Little, Austin, Avalon, Avery, SFCG, Bain, Bair, Baker, Baldwin, Bankers, Bankson, Baptist, Bar, South, Barlow, Barnhart, Barron, Bartholomew, Barton, Barton Pond, Base Line, Base Line, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass, Big, Bass, Big, Bassett, Baw Beese, Bear, Bear, Bear, Bear Den, Bear, Big, SFCG, Beaver, Belas, Bell Marie, Bellaire (Chain O' Lks), Belleville, Ben-Way, Bennett, Benton, Bergess (Pickerel), Berry (Frog), Big, Big, Big, Big, Bills, Birch, Birch, Bird, Bishop, Black, Black, Black, Blanch, Blind, Blue, Blue, Blue, Big, Blue, Big, Blue, North, Bluegill, Boardman, Boom, Boot, Brace, Lower, Brace, Upper, Bradford, Big, Brandywine, Bridge, Briggs, Bright, Bristol, Brockway, Brooks, Brooks, Brown Bridge, Brownlee, Bruce Bayou, Bruin, Brush, Budd, Buell, Burt, Bush, Bush, Bush, Byram, C.S. Mott Res., Cadillac, Campau, Campbell, Canfield, Caro Impoundment, Carpenter, Carter, Cary, Cass, Cavanaugh, Cecilia, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar, Cedar Hedge, Cedar Island, Cedar, Little, Cemetery, Center, Center (MI Center), Chain, Chamberlain, Charlevoix, Chemung, Chief Noonday, Chilson, Chippewa, Christiann, Chub, Big, Chub, Little, Clam (Chain O' Lks), Clark, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear, Clear (Foster TWN), Clifford, Cloverdale, Cochran, Coldwater, Coldwater, Condon, Cooke Dam Pond, Cora, Corey, Cornwall Flooding, Cowden, Craig, Cranberry, Cranberry, Crater, Crescent, Crispell, Crockery, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Crooked, Big, Crooked, East, Crooked, Little, Crooked, Lower, Crooked, Upper, Crooked, West, Crotched (Crotche), Croton Dam Pond, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal, Crystal (Hackert), Crystal (Pontiac Twp), Cub, Cub, Daggett, Davis, Davison (Davidson), DeCheau, Deep, Deep, Deer, Deer, Derby, Detroit River, Devils, Devoe, Dewey, Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, Diane, Dickerson, Dickinson, Dixon, Dodge, Dog Lake Flooding, Dogfish, Donnell, Dorner, Douglas, Doyle, Driskels, Duby, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Dumont, Duncan, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle (Charleston TWP), East, Elbow, Eleven, Elk, Elk (Chain O' LKS), Ellis, Ellsworth, Emerald, Emerald, Emma, Englewright, Esau, Ess, Evans, Evans, Evans, Big, Evans, Lower, Evans, Upper, Farwell, Farwell Mill Pond, Fenton, Ferdelman, Fife, Fifteen, SFCG, Finch, Fine, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish, Fish (Fish, Big), Fish, Big, Fish, Little, Fisher (Fishers), Five Channels Dam Pond, Fletcher Pond, Floyd, Foote Dam Pond, Ford, Ford, Four, Four Mile Pond, Fourmile, Fourteen, Fourth (Foot or Bass), Fox, Frances, Fremont, French Farm, Freymuth, Fuller, Gallagher, Garver, Gaylanta, Geddes Pond (Huron Riv), Geneserath, George, George, George, George (Hill TWP), Gerry, Gilbert, Gilead, Gilletts, Glen, Big, Glen, Little, Glory, Goguac, Goose, Goose, Gooseneck, Gorrell, Gosling, Gourdneck, Graham, Graham, East, Graham, West, Grand, Grand River, Grass, Grass (Coley), Grass (White Lake Twp), Gravel, Great Bear, Grebe, Green, Green, Green, Green, Greens, Grey, Grousehaven, Guernsey, Big, Gull, Gun, Gun, Guthrie, Half Moon, Half Moon, Halfmoon, Hall, Hall, Hamlin, Hanley, Hannah, Hardwood, Hardy Dam Pond, Harper, Hart, Hartwick, Harwood, Haven Hill, Healy, SFCG, Heart, Hemlock, Hemlock, Henderson, Herendeene, Heron, Herring, Lower, Herring, Upper, Hess, Hicks, Higgins, High Tower, Highbank, Hiland, Hillsview, Hoags, Hodenpyle Dam Pond, Hoffman, Hoffman, Hogset, Hoisington, Hoist, South, Hoister, Holloway, Horseshoe, Horseshoe, Horseshoe, Horseshoe, Houghton, SFCG, Hubbard, Hudson, Hungerford, Hunter, Hutchins, Huzzy, Idlewild, Independence, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian, Indian (Nagek), Intermediate (Central), Iron, Island, Island, Island, Island, Little, Jackson, SFCG, Jehnsen, Jeptha, Lower, Jeptha, Upper, Jewell, Jones, SFCG, Jordan, Joslin, Juno, K.P. (KP), Kaiser, Kelly, Kent, Kenyon, Kettle, Kimball, Kirk, Klinger, Kneff, Knowland, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan, Lake of the Woods, Lake of the Woods, Lake of the Woods, Lake St. Clair, Lakeville, Lancaster, Lancer (Lancelot), Lanes, Lansing, Larks (Round), Lavine, Leach, Lee, Leelanau, North, Leelanau, South, LeFevre, Leidy, Lily, Lime, Lime, Lime, North, Lime, South, Lincoln, Littlefield, Lloyd Bayou, Lobdell, Lodge, Log, Londo, Londo, West, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long, Long (Colon Twp), Long (East Long), Long (Fabius Twp), Long (Pavilion Twp), Long (Reading Twp), Long, Little, Long, Little (Camden Twp), Long, Little (Long), Long, SFCG, Long, SFCG, Loon, Loon, Loon, Loon, Loon, Loon (Round), Lost, Lost, Lotus, Loud Dam Pond, Macatawa, Maceday, Magician, Manaka, Manistee, Manistee, Manuka, Maple, Marble, Margrethe, SFCG, Marjory, SFCG, Marl, Martiny, Matteson, May, McCollum, McCormick, McCoy, McDonald, McLaren, Meadow, Meauwataka, Mecosta, Merkle (Markla), Merrill, Messenger, Middle, Middle, Middle, Middle, Milford, Mill, Mill, Millpond, Miners, Minnawanna, Mio Dam Pond, Missaukee, Mitchell, Mona, Montcalm, Moore, Morrison, Morrison, Morrow, Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud, Big (SFCG), Mullett, Muncie #1, Munro, Murphy, Murray, Murray, Muskegon, Muskellunge, Muskrat, Muskrat, SFCG, Myers, Narrow, Nepessing, Nestor, Nettie (Nettle), Nevins, Nichols, Ninth Street Pond, Noah, North, North, North, North, North, North, Nottawa (Nottawassepee), Nottawa, Little, O'Brien, Oakland, Ocqueoc, Olcott, Olcott, Little, Oliverda (Clayton), Omena, One Mile, Opal, Orchard, Orion, Osterhout, Otsego, Otter, Ovid, Painter, Palmer, Papoose, Paradise, Paradise, Paradise (Carp), Park, Patterson, Paw Paw, Paw Paw, Little, Payne, Payne, Little, Peach, Pentwater, Perch (Garfield Twp), Pere Marquette, Pero, Perry Lakes, Pettibone, Pettibone, Lower, Pettys Bayou, Pickerel, Pickerel, Pickerel, Pickerel, Pickerel, Pickerel, SFCG, Pike, Pike, Pine, Pine, Pine, Pine Island, Big, Platte, Big, Platte, Little, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pleasant, Pogy, Pond Lilly, Ponemah, Pontiac, Portage, Portage, Portage, Big, Portage, Big, Portage, Little, Portage, Little, Posey, Pottawattomie Bayou, Prairie, Prairie River, Pratt, Pretty, Price, Prince, Proud, Lower, Proud, Upper, Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainy, Randall, Ransom, Reed, Reed, Reed, Reeds, Reedsburg Impound, Reid, Rennie, Reynolds, Lower, Reynolds, Upper, Rifle, Roberts, Robinson, Rogers Dam Pond, Rose, Ross, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Ruppert (Rupert), Rush, Rush Lake Flooding, Saddle, Saddlebag, Saddlebag, Saddlebag, Sage, Sage Lake Flooding, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand 1, Sand 2, Sand Hill, Sand, Middle, Sand, North, Sand, South, Sanford, Sapphire, Sawdel, School, School Section, School Section, School Section, Scott, Lower, Scott, North, Scott, South, Scott, Upper, Secord, Section One, Section One, Selkirk, Sessions, Seven, Big, Shafer, Shamrock, Shavehead, Sheffer, Shell, Sherman, Shoepac, SFCG, Shupac, SFCG, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Silver, Big, Sixmile, Sixteen, Sixteen, Skegemog, Skyhawk, Smallwood, South, South, Spider, Spring, Spring, Squaw, Squaw, St. Clair, St. Clair River, St. Helen, Star, Big, Starvation, Stearns Bayou, Stevens, Stevenson, Stone, Stony, Stony Creek Res, Straits, Lower, Straits, Middle, Straits, Upper, Strawberry, Sturgeon, Stylus, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Sugarloaf, Little, Sugden, Sunrise, SFCG, Susan, Sutherland, Swains, Swan, Switzer, Sylvan, Sylvan & Otter, Tallman, Tamarack, Tamarack (Middle), Tan, Tee, Tee (Tea), Teeple, Templene, Thayer, Thompson, Thompson, Thorneapple, Three Legged, Three Mile, Thumb (Louise), Tippy Dam Pond, Tipsico, Todd, Tomahawk, Little, Tomahawk, SFCG, Torch (Chain O' Lakes), Towas (Tawas), Town Corner, Townline, Townline, Traverse, Little, Trout, SFCG, Tubbs, Turk, Turtle, Twenty-eight, Twenty-seven, Twin Lakes, Twin Lakes, Twin, Big, Twin, East, Twin, West, Twinwood, Union, Union (Tuttle), Valley, Van Auken, Van Etten, SFCG, Vandercook, Vaughn, Vineyard, Wabascon, Wabasis, Big, Wagner (Two Bit), Wakeley, Walkup, Walloon, Walsh, Wamplers, Warner, Weber, Wells, West, White, White, Whitefish, Big, Whitefish, Little, Whitford-Lawler, Whitlock, Whitmore, Wiggins, Wildwing, Wildwood, Wildwood, Wilkinson, Williams, Williams, Williamsville, Wilson, Wilson, Windover, Winfield, Winnewanna Impound, Winnipeg, Winyah (Seven Mile Pond), Wixom, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Little, Wolf, Little, Wolverine, Woodard (Woodward), Woodhull, Woodland, Woodland, Wright (Mud), Wycamp, Wyckoff, Youngs, Zukey. ISBN: X-885010-05-0 publish date: 12/31/2002
Binding Type: CD Rom
ISBN: X-885010-05-0
Publisher: Sportsman's Connection
Author: Sportsman's Connection

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