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MARINE SCOUT SNIPERS: TRUE STORIES Snipers are highly trained, brave, silent warriors. They undergo specialized training and operate independently with little support from their parent commands, close to enemy positions. Snipers are chosen based on their marksmanship, mental stability, patience, and physical ability. They stalk the enemy, while concealed in their operational overwatches, to protect our checkpoints and convoys, and to direct action missions. Despite the renown of Chris Kyle and the extraordinary success of the book and movie American Sniper, snipers have not lead lives of glory and fame; their lives are a struggle. Serving as a sniper requires that you do your job successfully every time, because the consequences of not being successful include the loss of innocent lives, or living with other consequences that can haunt a shooter till the day he dies. In the end, just like any other service members, they put their lives on the line willingly to defend our freedom and liberties, and our country. ISBN: 1-4930-1857-4 publish date: 08/31/2016
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-4930-1857-4
Author: Lena Sisco

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