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MAKING DO: VOLUME TWO: STONE TOOLS AND SHIVS Ever wonder whether you have what it takes to survive in the wild? In this video production from Paladin Press, primitive skills expert Jason Hawk teaches you how to take stone materials, discarded glass and found metals and, with a little know-how and effort, turn them into life-saving tools and weapons. Hawk begins in the Stone Age by showing you how to select, knap and flake rocks and glass into cutting instruments suitable for any survival situation requiring a sharp edge. From there he moves to the Iron Age, making arrowheads strong enough to punch through a deer and hide scrapers that will help you clean your kill. Focusing on practicality for both the field and on the street, he then teaches you how to make the Filipino Fork, a spiked fistload that would make any opponent stop in his tracks. Finally, he shows shiv-making: brutal, puncturing weapons from everyday materials that have been strengthened and honed into a sharp spike. This video includes a guest appearance by best-selling Paladin author Christopher J. Petrilli, who teaches a variety of combat applications for the weapons you can create. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Jason Hawk is a neo-tribal weapons specialist, a master bladesmith, & a primitive-skills instructor. A fourth-generation blacksmith, Jason learned these skills from his grandfather & father, who was a Special Forces instructor. By age 10, Jason was skilled at making traps, spears, bows, & knives, & received his Colorado guiding license on his 16th birthday.Jason has been making his own weapons & tools for 26 years & instructing forging & primitive living skills for 20 years. Among his students are military & law enforcement personnel. For the past two years, the Navajo Nation has contracted him to instruct their youth in forging, neo-tribal weapons, & primitive living skills. Jason has always relied on these skills to feed his family, including snaring rabbits in the desert & even taking a javelina with a blowgun, & he likes to serve his guests roadkill. The strangest forge he ever made was fashioned from a shoelace, an elk leg bone, & a T-shirt. He used two rocks for the hammer & anvil, & cow patties for the fuel. It was primitive, but it worked& that's the point of his Making Do series. ISBN: 0-PAL-MD2DVD publish date: 06/30/2011
Binding Type: DVD
Author: Jason Hawk

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