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MAKING DO: VOLUME ONE: THE POOR MAN'S FORGE You don't have to be a certified master bladesmith working with highly refined steel to craft a quality knife suitable for self-defense or general utility. All you need are a few simple tools, some time, & metals anyone can scrounge from garage sales, building sites, or even the local dump. Survival authority, artisan, & neo-tribal weapons expert Jason Hawk has been forging greatly sought-after blades for years out of both high-quality steel & found materials, & in this video he teaches you how easy, inexpensive, & fun it is to forge weapons that will last a lifetime. He begins by showing you how to make your own forge & anvil out of a few cheap items, & then goes into testing found steel to see if it can be worked with. From there, he teaches basic hammering, shaping, & heat-treating to guarantee that your finished products will hold up under the wear & tear of real use. Focusing on two projects, a knife & an axe/adze, this video will give you not only vital survival skills, but also the knowledge & confidence to make your own weapons & tools no matter how primitive your surroundings are. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Jason Hawk is a neo-tribal weapons specialist, a master bladesmith, & a primitive-skills instructor. A fourth-generation blacksmith, Jason learned these skills from his grandfather & father, who was a Special Forces instructor. By age 10, Jason was skilled at making traps, spears, bows, & knives, & received his Colorado guiding license on his 16th birthday.Jason has been making his own weapons & tools for 26 years & instructing forging & primitive living skills for 20 years. Among his students are military & law enforcement personnel. For the past two years, the Navajo Nation has contracted him to instruct their youth in forging, neo-tribal weapons, & primitive living skills. Jason has always relied on these skills to feed his family, including snaring rabbits in the desert & even taking a javelina with a blowgun, & he likes to serve his guests roadkill. The strangest forge he ever made was fashioned from a shoelace, an elk leg bone, & a T-shirt. He used two rocks for the hammer & anvil, & cow patties for the fuel. It was primitive, but it worked& that's the point of his Making Do series. ISBN: 0-PAL-MD1DVD publish date: 05/31/2010
Binding Type: DVD
Author: Jason Hawk

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