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LONGBEARDS, CALLMAKERS AND MEMORIES Eric Mikel took on a challenge any seasoned turkey hunter would have relished. He agreed to travel to all 49 states that are home to wild turkeys, & bag only Longbeards using a call made in each state. Six years later, Earl had not only met the challenge, but had managed to accumulate a wealth of amazing hunting stories & a collection of beautifully crafted truly calls. Longbeards, Callmakers, & Memories is the story of his adventure, the people that he encountered on his journey, & the calls he used. It is the third & final book in his unique American turkey Callmaker Cataloguing Series. As one of this countrys leading authorities on turkey calls, Earl planned his trips out carefully. He made sure to meet up with some of the best turkey hunters & turkey callmakers in each state. The book details every trip & every person he met along the ay, with photographs on the calls used. Throughout the book, Earl has included a wide variety of insets featuring stories, sayings, & poems written by other hunters & by Earl himself. For the avid turkey hunter, other then being in the wild, it doesnt get any better then this. Longbeards, Callmakers & Memories is one of modern-day turkey huntings most incredible adventures. ISBN: 0-7570-0325-7 publish date: 06/29/2009
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 0-7570-0325-7
Publisher: Square One Publishers
Author: Earl Mikel

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