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LEARN HOW TO FLY FISH: A STUDENT HANDBOOK Entitled, Student Handbook: A Guide To The Fundamentals of Fly Fishing, it was written by Dana C. Cole, Director of The School of FlyFishing. CD Features: a comprehensive, easy-to-use, self-study toolRuns with any Windows-based PC browser . . . Microsoft Explorer, Netscape, AOL600 pages . . . with links to other pages with a click of the mouse 1600 illustrations . . . pictures complement the textual descriptions 8600 links . . . interconnects all subjects, 11 chapters & courses on the CD 300 links to online resources . . . connect to a multitude of online features Table of flies . . . full color pictures & descriptions of all the various fly types cross-referenced to insects they represent Table of insects . . . full color pictures & descriptions of important aquatic insects cross-referenced to the flies used to imitate them Reference library . . . lots of information of interest here 11 chapters: . . . Knots * Equipment * Fly Reels * Fly Lines * Leaders * Fly rods * Insectology * Flies * Fish * Casting * Reference library ISBN: 0-WM-000100-0 publish date: 12/31/2002
Binding Type: DVD-R
ISBN: 0-WM-000100-0
Publisher: Wildlife Management LLC
Author: Dana C. Cole

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