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ILLUSTRATED RIGGING: FOR SALMON, STEELHEAD AND TROUT Salmon Trout Steelheader readers are familiar with the popular and informative "Illustrated Rigging" column that appears in each issue. The multitudes of different angling situations, water types and conditions, and techniques used can leave even a seasoned angler scratching their head when it comes rigging. When you go from fishing winter steelhead to sprint chinook, then on to trout fishing in lakes, and on to summer steelhead, then trolling for salmon in the ocean, to bobber fishing for fall chinook in tidewater, the rigging changes with each species and the techniques used to catch them. Illustrated Rigging shows both beginners and experienced anglers how to tie basic salmon and steelhead set-ups. If you want to catch more fish, in various places, with different methods, you need this book. ISBN: 1-57188-397-5 publish date: 01/15/2007
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-57188-397-5
Publisher: Frank Amato Publications
Author: Robert Campbell

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