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GUNSHOT WOUND FIRST AID Imagine youre at the shooting range and the guy next to you has an accidental discharge that hits your friend or loved one! What would you do? The hospital is 30-45 minutes away and it will take an ambulance 45-60 minutes to respond. What should you do to help this person have a better chance of survival? This program is your guide to Gunshot Wound First Aid. Presented by John Klatt, a first aid expert who has taught Navy Seals and police officers nationwide, youll learn how to access and evaluate gunshot wounds, how to prepare the wound for a drive to the hospital, how to minimize bleeding, and how to handle shock and patient duress. This program is must viewing for all police officers, federal agents, concealed carry license holders and everybody who carries or is around firearms for a living. ISBN: 0-GV-X0562D publish date: 02/01/2008
Binding Type: DVD
ISBN: 0-GV-X0562D
Publisher: GunVideo
Author: Gun Video

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