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FAVORITE FLIES AND THEIR HISTORIES Who of all that go a-fishing will deny the feeling of a calm content and the glow of satisfaction consequent upon a creel a little heavier of a fish a little larger than that of his fellow-fisherman?Over 120 years after its original publication, Mary Orvis Marburys Favorite Flies and Their Histories remains a hugely popular and reliable resource for fly-fishing enthusiasts. Marburys compilation of nineteenth-century patterns, fancy flies, and fishing theories led the way in standardizing fly patterns in North America, and remarkably, these century-old techniques continue to be cherished by pursuers of the modern sport.With information gathered from more than 200 fly-fishers and seasoned anglers across the United States and Canada, Favorite Flies and Their Histories details the stories, histories, and appearances of the most beloved and most successful flies in the sport. Marbury shares stories of over 300 lake, salmon, trout, and bass flies, divided by their geographic location and accompanied by a list of her fly-fishing correspondents. Her patterns are ornate, often beautiful, and always highly effective. Containing a wealth of photographs, engravings, and elaborate color plates, Favorite Flies and Their Histories is a must-have addition to any serious fly-fishers collection.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Mary Orvis Marbury was the daughter of the Orvis Company founder, Charles Orvis. For her work on Favorite Flies and Their Histories, Marbury is lauded as one of the most influential women in the sport of fly-fishing. She is now deceased. ISBN: 1-62087-594-2 publish date: 04/30/2013
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-62087-594-2
Publisher: SKYHORSE
Author: Mary Orvis Marbury

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