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COME NOVEMBER Over 25 years ago, Gene Wensel wrote a book entitled Hunting Rutting Whitetails. It changed the way many deerhunters went about pursuing their outdoor passion. Six years later, Gene penned his second book, One Mans Whitetail.Both of these books proved to be way ahead of their time, quickly becoming cult classics among deerhunters by providing answers about whitetail behavior & hunting techniques that had until then puzzled American woodsmen simply because they had never been written about. There were no videos, DVDs or television shows about deerhunting in those days. Specialty magazines were non-existent. One could count on one hand the number of hunting magazines on newsstands. Many books were so old they offered little more than ancient history & market hunting techniques. No one raised deer in those days. A live Boone & Crockett whitetail had never been photographed. Camo was mostly military. Things like food plot seeds, compound bows, carbon gear & trail cameras were unavailable.Genes first two books had theories yet to be tested & techniques that hadnt been exploited. They sold tens of thousands of copies each. Both of these books have long been out of print. Today they command top dollar when used copies occasionally turn up on the internet.Then, twenty years later, with decades of seasoned experience & many more big bucks to his credit, Gene updated hunters with yet a third book, this one an edited version of the best of his first two books plus additional material & philosophy that will not only help novice deerhunters but offer guidance to seasoned veterans as well.Come November is already out of print, meaning we are well into our final printing. When these are sold out, they will be gone forever. ISBN: 0-BOTB-20 publish date: 06/30/2010
Binding Type: Hardcover
Publisher: Brothers of the Bow
Author: Gene & Barry Wensel

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