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COMBAT KNIFE THROWING: THE VIDEO The motto of Ralph Thorn's school of combat knife throwing is "Any knife, any angle, any position; no games, no gimmicks, no limits." In this groundbreaking video production from Paladin Press, he proves it, teaching you a truly combative style of weapons throwing that isn't based on figuring out exact distances & numbers of spins & half-spins. In fact, Thorn has mastered a no-spin throwing style that cuts through the myth & hokum to show that there's no mystery or complexity to knife throwing: all you need are a few knives, a target & some practice. Relying on gross motor skills, Thorn shows you how to throw not only knives & swords, but also improvised weapons: if it has a point, you can get it to stick consistently & _accurately. Using state-of-the-art computer graphics & super-slow-motion videography, you will learn the mechanics of the no-spin throw, the powerful sidearm throw for close-range fighting, the underhand half-spin throw, the shuriken throw for long-distance attacks & much more. Thorn also shows various trick throws, including blindfolded throwing, behind-the-back knife tosses & throwing accurately while going at a dead run.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Ralph Thorn is a 38-year-old author & illustrator. Since the release of the original edition of his book & the wide dissemination via the Internet of his self-produced video material, his no-spin style of knife throwing has revolutionized the sport & attracted the attention of numerous martial artists, performers & knife makers. Many consider him to be the best all-around knife thrower in the world. He is a native of southern Appalachia. ISBN: 0-PAL-CKTDVD publish date: 05/31/2009
Binding Type: DVD-R
Author: Ralph Thorn

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