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CASE FILES OF THE TRACKER: TRUE STORIES FROM AMERICA'S GREATEST OUTDOORSMAN True stories from a practitioner of a skill that faded away with the frontier in this country. Renowned wilderness expert & tracker trained by an Apache elder talks about 16 of his most incredible adventures for the first time. From the remote Pine Barrens of New Jersey to the wilds of Wyoming, Tom Brown has earned the mantle of America's Greatest Tracker--someone who, with the help of an Apache elder, has developed his senses to such a degree that he can "read" the environment around him in ways that seem almost magical. Now, for the first time, he shares vivid accounts of his most fascinating cases as an outdoors detective, including:* The search for a diabetic child before he goes into insulin shock* The struggle to apprehend an armed criminal who put a bullet in his back* The hunt for a tiger loose in the New Jersey wilderness* The incredible search for a missing teenager where the police had turned up no clues* His astonishing determination that the cause of a police officer's death was not a suicide, but in fact, a murder!* and moreABOUT THE AUTHOR:Tom Brown, Jr., began to learn hunting and tracking at the age of 8 under the tutelage of an Apache elder, medicine man, and scout in Toms River, New Jersey. Tom is the author of 16 books on nature. Recently, he was the technical advisor on The Hunted, a major motion picture starring Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio del Toro. In 1978, Tom founded the Tracker School in the New Jersey Pine Barrens where he offers classes about wilderness survival and environmental protection. His website is: ISBN: 0-425-18755-1 publish date: 12/02/2003
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-425-18755-1
Author: Tom Brown, Jr.

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