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BOWHUNTING FOR THE NORTH AMERICAN TWENTY-EIGHT: HUNTING ALL VARIETIES OF NORTH AMERICAN GAME We live in an age of hunting accomplishments, some say extreme accomplishments. But however you look at it, it must be admitted that hunting all North American big game with a bow has to be one of the most difficult things to do in the world of hunting. And might we add that all the game Gary shot was done fair chase in the wild. A few highlights include: the incredible story of hunting grizzly near Knight Inlet in British Columbia where the giant bears had made deep tracks in the dense wilderness from hundreds of years of use. Talk about hunting game at spitting distances . . . and this was after Gary had failed to get a bear in Alaska during three prior attempts. In another instance Bogner hunts for a Stone sheep no less than three times. He ultimately takes an incredible ram with his rifle and later comes back and gets a very fine ram with his bow. And to top that, he hunted no less than four times to get his Dall ram. His description of getting his bighorn in Canada in deep snow makes one shiver with both the thoughts of the extreme cold as well as the idea how difficult it is to get close enough to a wary animal like a bighorn to get a shot with a bow. Ultimately Gary gets his chance at all twenty-eight: the caribou of the tundra, the moose of the boreal forests, and the deer of the farmlands and mountains. Even a giant bison falls to his arrow, along with puma, mountain goat, and the others. Gary is not one to give up easily. This book is a narrative of a hunter who has made up his mind to hunt only with a bow and who will succeed no matter what the odds. ISBN: 1-57157-288-0 publish date: 01/15/2008
Binding Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-57157-288-0
Author: Gary Bogner

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