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BOB KASPER: THE LOST TAPES - COMBATIVE KNIFE SKILLS Nobody has ever done combative knife tactics better than Bob Kasper. The Lost Tapes preserves Kasper's definitive modern American combative knife curriculum for generations to come. It carefully pieces together Kasper's lifelong study and instruction of knife combatives from years' worth of VHS home movies and seminar footage that had been boxed and stored in a shed after Kasper's untimely death.Based on his teachings at the Gung-Ho-Chuan Association (GHCA) , this video begins with the basics of stance and grip, covers brutal snap cuts and thrusts, moves on to the importance of startle cuts in your repertoire, demonstrates blade-blocking maneuvers and teaches stress draws to enhance action when one is under violent attack. The Lost Tapes contains some of the most true-to-life combative instruction ever seen in the Paladin Action Library. For information purposes only. ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Bob Kasper was an avid knife enthusiast his whole life. He began his study of Western knife fighting in the late 1970s while researching World War II close-quarters combat. For five years Kasper held the position of "Street Smarts" editor for Tactical Knives magazine & wrote more than 100 close-combat/knife-related articles for Combat Knives, Modern Knives, Fighting Knives, Full Contact, Guns & Ammo, Soldier of Fortune & Gung-Ho magazines. He was also the editor for Snapping In, the journal of the Gung-Ho Chuan Association. He died in 2006. ISBN: 0-PAL-BKTLDVD publish date: 12/31/2011
Binding Type: DVD
Author: Bob Kasper

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