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BLACKSMITHING BASICS FOR THE HOMESTEAD Traditional blacksmithing returns to its roots with Blacksmithing for the Homesteader. Here author and master blacksmith Joe DeLaRonde demonstrates the basic skills and techniques needed to make the tools and accoutrements required for life on the homestead or ranch. Detailed and easy-to-understand instructions, illustrations, and photographs will help the beginning blacksmith set up the forge, get the fire hot enough for welding, and craft the tools needed for blacksmithing. Learn how to forge everything from weapons and tools-knives, axes, screwdrivers, hammers, and chains-to home-helpers like forks, coat hooks, towel bars, and candle holders, and more!WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING:"In 135 pages, you can learn to make your own chisels, nails, skewers, pokers, camp sets, chain links and much more. All taught by a guy who studied blacksmithing under a master German smithy, and has his wares in private collections and museums all over the place." - Newark Star-LedgerABOUT THE AUTHOR:Joe DeLaRonde started his blacksmithing career 35 years ago with an apprenticeship under a master German blacksmith. Following the three-year apprenticeship, Joe performed general blacksmithing, including wheelwright and plow lay work, and finally found his niche re-creating the tools and weapons of the early American frontier. His works are in use around the globe by U.S. military personnel and living history enthusiasts, as well as in private collections and museums in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. He continues to work at his shop in Mancos, Colorado, producing some of the finest tomahawks, axes, and knives available on the market today and is currently working on a second book about building log homes with traditional tools. ISBN: 1-58685-706-1 publish date: 07/31/2008
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 1-58685-706-1
Author: Joe DeLaRonde

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