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A QUESTION OF BALANCE An important new DVD on The Legal, Economic and Human Rights Values of Civilian Firearms Ownership and RegulationThe United Nations has been actively pursuing the international control of small arms including firearms for more than a decade and numerous governments around the world are seeking to regulate firearms ownership and use. Academics and scholars who understand the positive values of firearms have often not been represented in the popular press.May 1-2, 2003, the World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities ( ) sought to fill this vacuum by hosting an international firearms scholars' symposium, "The Legal, Economic and Human Rights Implications of Civilian Firearms Ownership and Regulation." The program was held at the Tower of London, Royal Armouries Education Centre in London.*There were over eight hours of presentations at that landmark symposium. Distilled from that program is the DVD, A QUESTION OF BALANCE, which is 56- minutes long and includes numerous graphics, video footage and photos; plus a special 13-minute overview of major topics covered. Speakers cover important issues including: the futility of gun registration as a deterrent against crime, the popularity of shooting in Switzerland, gun ownership as a protection from genocide, women and firearms, the importance of shooting sports as a form of recreation, and advice from the firearms industry on how to regulate trade.The DVD is extremely informative and appropriate for libraries and schools, as well as giving to decision-makers. It is currently being distributed world-wide to UN-related NGOs.WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING: A Question of Balance is an important and seminal contribution, and an important addition to academic, advocacy group, and community library resource collections on the issue. - Midwest Book Review October 2004. . . . a very powerful video... It should be required viewing by every Member of Parliament and Senator and every bureaucrat working in the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Canada Firearms Centre. If they only watched the segment on firearms use in Switzerland, it would put an end to the false premise that more guns equal more crime and would make it abundantly clear that we're pushing the wrong agenda in Canada and at the United Nations. It provides me with hope that common sense and truth about the benefits of legal gun ownership will eventually prevail. - Garry Breitkreuz, MP, CanadaEvery firearms owner should have the DVD, A Question of Balance, in his or her video library. The nine presentations by an international group of researchers and writers provide a compelling argument against government restriction and the ultimate banning of civilian firearms ownership. It should be required viewing for government bureaucrats and elected officials. - John B. Holdstock, Past President, B.C. Wildlife Federation ISBN: 0-SNOW-15 publish date: 07/01/2008
Binding Type: DVD
Publisher: Snow Goose Publishing
Author: James Swan

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