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AN IMPOSSIBLE CAST: GLEN ANDREWS AND THE BIRTH OF PROFESSIONAL BASS FISHING 1962, 1963, & 1965 Missouri State Champion. 1965 Arkansas State Champion. 1962 & 1963 World Series of Sport Fishing Runner-up. 1965 & 1966 World Series of Sport Fishing Champion. Innovative lure manufacturer. Acclaimed outdoor writer. Jerry McKinnis, host of The Fishin Hole, described Glen Andrews as simply the greatest bass fisherman Ive known, & Ive known them all. Bass fishing legend Bill Dance insists that Glen Andrews is my mentor, my friend, my advisor & absolutely has always been among the top contributors to the success of the name Bill Dance! Bobby Murray, 2001 Bass Fishing Hall of Fame inductee, describes Glen as the first true, professional bass angler. Glen Andrews dominated early tournament bass fishing, yet most bass fishermen have never heard his name, those of his remarkable competitors, or the history of professional fishing before Ray Scotts first tournament in 1967. An Impossible Cast, written by his son, D. Shane Andrews & Jeremy Miller, fills all of the gaps. What so many bass fishing fans have missed are groundbreaking sport fishing history, Glens competitive fishing insights, & most importantly Glens American struggle, his meteoric rise & fall to fame & obscurity, which will touch all readers with the spirit of human determination. An Impossible Cast gives readers an observers seat in Glens boat to witness the previously undocumented creation of a bass fishing Goliath & the unfolding of the birth of professional bass fishing.WHAT THE EXPERTS ARE SAYING:Glen Andrews probably is the best natural-born bass angler that I have ever met in my seventy-plus years. I have no reason to hesitate in making this statement as I have heard similar comments from other anglers of far more prominence than I Glenn Cossey, Billy Dance, Bobby & Bill Murray & TV Superstar Jerry McKinnis. When youve got it youve got it, & Glen Andrews has got it. This book is a must for an ambitious bass angler." -- Ray Scott, Founder, B.A.S.S."Did you ever see the baseball movie the "Natural?" Great movie about a guy who hoped someday people would see him walking down the sidewalk & say, 'There goes Roy Hobbs, the best baseball player there ever was.' Keep that in mind & let me tell you about a new book; a book that should be read by every bass fisherman who has the least amount of interest in bass fishing history....Glen Andrews is the 'Roy Hobbs' of bass fishing. That's the Roy Hobbs from that movie, "The Natural...This is a book every fishing fan will not want to miss. In the same way I can't explain how good "The Natural" is in 800 words, I can't tell you how good An Impossible Cast is in that space either." -- Jerry McKinnis, ESPN Outdoors, "Best Bass Fishermen Ever" ISBN: 0-9842677-3-5 publish date: 02/28/2010
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9842677-3-5
Publisher: Whitefish Press
Author: D. Shane Andrews & Jeremy Miller

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