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Author: Kristina Lundblad & Bobbie Kalman
Publisher: Crabtree
ISBN: 0-7787-2219-8
ISBN #: 0-7787-2219-8
Binding Type: Softcover
ANIMALS CALLED FISH Kids will be fascinated by the variety of fish that live in our worlds oceans! Beginning with an introduction of the three major groups of fish, learn how fish breathe underwater using gills, how they use their different fins for swimming, & how they defend themselves against predators.What Kind of Animal Is It? SeriesIntroduces young readers to the amazing world of animals. The simple text, clear illustrations, and astounding pictures teach children about the major characteristics, such as backbones and cold blood, of each type of animal. The series features information boxes that provide extra details for eager and curious readers. ISBN: 0-7787-2219-8 publish date: 08/01/2008

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Leisure reading in fly fishing...a great way to set an example for new readers in your family.