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A GUIDE TO THREAD WEAVING FOR THE CUSTOM ROD BUILDER Considered a world class thread artist, Mr. Upton goes into great detail with word, photograph & diagram in this guide to provide the reader with a clear and articulate path through each phase of rod weaving. He has provided the beginner with the tools to successfully perform and finish a weave, understand & make patterns, as well as develop his or her own weaving technique. The advanced techniques section covers multiple axis weaves and how they are set up on the rod, as well as on the loom.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:JIM UPTON, now known world-wide as the Dragon Master, has been working on building fishing rods as a hobby for over 30 years. Building mostly for himself, family & friends, he developed a love for adding decorative thread to his rods. HIs desire to have a Dragon weave that wrapped around one of them, then learning that such a thing had never been done, sent him on a quest that led to a passion for weaving and the invention of The Wonder Weaver.A Loom that is now manufactured and marketed by the Renzetti Corporation, The Wonder Weaver is, to date, the only weaving device sold that allows the Custom Rod Builder to weave on multiple axes at the same time, or weave completely around the circumference of a rod. ISBN: 0-JU-10 publish date: 08/01/2008
Binding Type: Spiral-Softcover
ISBN: 0-JU-10
Publisher: Jim Upton
Author: Jim Upton

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