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A CHUKAR HUNTER'S COMPANION A Chukar Hunter's Companion opens with well-researched information about the bird itself, its history & habitats, then launches into the book's underpinning, the how-to section. Wray takes you from physical conditioning through the gear you'll need, then into the hunt itself. The hunt section is a comprehensive look at the entire hunting process, from deciding on a hunt location to caring for your birds. Companion has an extensive section on dogs, including a chapter on hunting without dogs, the state-by-state hunting summary and a fine chapter of chukar recipes. Wray's essays, sprinkled lightly throughout the text, are funny, introspective, heartwarming and thought provoking. They are the spice on a wonderfully fulfilling reading experience. It's a friend who'll help get you ready for a successful hunting trip, then go along to help you enjoy it. EXCERPTS:After hundreds of muscle cramps, frozen eyelashes, blisters, windburned cheeks, sunburned ears, fingers so cold they won't bend and lips so cracked they can't smile, after days when you'd trade your shotgun for a library card and your dog for a goldfish, you'll look out one day and realize you are one of them.You'll turn around on a steep slope that has been kicking your butt for hours to see the sun's reflection on the river far below. You'll gaze at the mountains 80 miles away and you'll see the world between in wrinkles, in springs, in knife-edged ridges, in rimrocks strong as the gods and fragile as eggshells. And above you'll hear the rhythmic chuk...chuk...chukkerrr, from the birds you pursue.The land where chukars are found is big country. And you may never be able to see so far or so much as when you are chukar hunting. You'll stop to rest on a steep hill and turn around to look. Maybe you'll be gazing down on a river that has reshaped our nation's history. Perhaps it's the Snake, the Colorado, the John Day, the Yakima, the Owyhee, the Green, the Columbia, the Gunnison or the Yellowstone. It could be the Los Angeles Aqueduct, or it may well be a small, green spring that is the headwater of some nameless creek. About then you'll realize that much of the world's population would give a great deal just to stand on that hill, breathe in that air and see that view and hunt those birds. It's enough to make a person feel spiritual.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Pat Wray, a former Marine helicopter pilot, newspaper reporter, magazine columnist and Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Information Office, is now a full-time freelance writer and book author. He has the heart of a hunter, the gift of a writer and an unerring sense of story. His ever-present humor sparkles throughout the text. This is not just a hunter's book; it is a reader's pleasure. He lives in Corvallis, Oregon with his wife Debbie and 3 hunting dogs. He has been the back page columnist for Game & Fish Publications since 1989 and a regular contributor to national & regional publications, including Oregon Hunter, as well. ISBN: 0-9742923-0-3 publish date: 12/15/2003
Binding Type: Softcover
ISBN: 0-9742923-0-3
Publisher: Pat Wray
Author: Pat Wray

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